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Graduate in Bachelor of Interior Design (Commercial) from Billy Blue College of Design

Bringing ideas to life is an exciting proposition for me. My strategic approach to design and energized creative spark leads me to generate numerous ways to enhance, upgrade, revise, correct or revamp spaces and functions. I am an empathetic individual with a supportive and motivating personality. I am a visual strategist and a future thinker who likes to plan my every step, develop tools to organise and allow my mind to venture beyond the obvious.

Having been brought up in Denmark, I have a shared cultural awareness which has taught me to deal with people and communicate clearly. I am calm in my approach which stems from my heritage and the Danish concept of hygge; which is about building sanctuary and community, inviting closeness, well-being, connection and warmth. It is about belonging to the moment and feeling open-hearted and alive.

Now in Australia natural forms, native environments and unique landscapes continually refresh my soul as well as lighting my creative spark.

I have always had a creative spark in me and hope to be able to use my skills to make spaces that spark something in others.